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1200 – Welcome

1210 – Opening Remarks: Rear Admiral Terry J. Moulton, Deputy Surgeon General of the Navy; Deputy Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

1230 – Awards

1245 – State of the Medical Service Corps: Rear Admiral Anne M. Swap, Commander, Navy Medicine East; Senior Market Manager, Tidewater Military Health System; Director, Medical Service Corps

1315 – Leadership and Motivation: Mr. Ken Niumatalolo, Head Football Coach, United States Naval Academy

1400 – Meeting Facilitation/Executive Coaching: Dr. Ray Jorgensen, Ph.D., Director and Senior Associate, Jorgensen Learning Center

1440 – Break

1500 – Design or Doodle, Building Rich Data Visualizations: LCDR(ret) Michael D. Knoell, Senior Program Manager, Accelera Solutions

1540 – Media in the Era of Fake News: Mr. John Bacon, Rewrite Chief, USA TODAY

1620 – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) FY-2017 Update: Dr. Michael Malanoski, MD, SES, Executive Director, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

1700 – Closing Remarks