Drawing on almost 30 years of experience of advising executives and teams in the government, private and non-profit sectors, Dr. Ray Jorgensen guides leaders in growing their personal success as well as the success of their teams and, ultimately, their organizations. His consulting and keynotes offer a unique blend of change leadership, vision, purpose, reflectiveness and authenticity; that enable individual clients and entire organizations to realize their potentials.

Ray’s first book, “The Oracle of the Obvious; Secrets of Common Sense Leadership” was well received within the business and education community by providing examples of how to implement systems work in a practical way. It demonstrates how to engage in quality conversations that can b carried out daily in an effort to bring forth the voice of everyone in the system.

It has been often asserted that any organization is only as strong as its weakest employee. Expanding this notion to the modern, team- oriented work environment, and using a leadership model in which high-quality relationships lead to high-quality results, Dr. Jorgensen shows how every team is only as strong as its weakest relationships. How well and how quickly teams make decisions, inspire innovation, tackle performance problems, or learn from mistakes depend on the strength of relationships within a team.