How do I sign up for ACHE Congress?
A list of authorized personnel to attend ACHE Congress was signed on the SECNAV 5050/2. If you did not make this list this year do not despair. Continue pursuing your goals by applying to attend in 2023. Those who were approved should follow local command policy to register.

This is my first time attending Congress and I’m a little lost.
Not to worry. First, check out the Congress webpage at and read through their FAQ section. Next, reach out to others you may know on the approval list. You can also reach out to the LEAPS Committee members for some buddy assistance. ACHE Congress is about growth, development, and connecting with others. Reach out, connect, ask questions, and pass on traditions.

What should I wear?
Uniform for ACHE Congress and LEAPS: Service Dress Blues with ribbons (nametag optional)

Attire for Socials: Smart business casual

I need to fly out immediately after LEAPS. Can I bring my luggage to the conference room?
We do not recommend bringing your luggage to LEAPS. Check with your hotel for temporary storage if needed.

How are education credits recorded?
Face-to-face credits will be automatically loaded into your ACHE profile. You also have the opportunity to self-report Qualified Education credits through Select “NAVY ACHE REGENT’S LEAPS COMMITTEE” as the Name of the Organization/Event Sponsor, “2023 RDML Lewis. E. Angelo Symposium” as the Name of the Program, and enter the number of credits as advised by the LEAPS Committee.

Where is the 2023 LEAPS Symposium this year?
Hyatt Regency Chicago, Brand Ballroom A (East Tower), Ballroom Level
151 E Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60601

Where can I purchase tickets for the 2023 LEAPS Symposium?
**Currently finalizing ticket details**