2023 LEAPS Online Mentorship Booking is now closed

Please proceed to the location listed below and look for LEAPS Committee members and see if there are some slots still available.

Hyatt Regency Chicago
San Francisco & New Orleans Rooms located on the West Tower Ballroom level

2023 Mentor List (Please click on hyperlinks for BIOs)
CAPT Barnes, Timothy, MSC, USN
CAPT Boyce, Roderick, MSC, USN
CAPT Davis, D Kimberly MC USN
CAPT Grothe, Gary, MSC, USN
CAPT Hosea, S Lonnie NC, USN
CAPT Kee E. Kyle, MSC, USN
CAPT  Piner Thomas MSC, USN
CAPT Sears L. Christine, MSC, USN
CAPT Scott,Thecly NC, USN
CAPT Aaron D. Werbel, MSC, USN
CDR Smith, Eugene, Jr. MSC, USN
CDR Weiss, Andrew, MSC, USN
LCDR Temitope O. Ayeni, MSC, USN
LCDR Richard Bly, MSC, USN