Congratulations to the following winners:
Program Changes to Night Coverage in a Residency Training Program
Non-Clinical: Unmanned Air Vehicle Operator Selection

High Reliability is a priority of BUMED. Navy Medicine Officers have an excellent opportunity to showcase their HRO best practices at the 2021 LEAPS.  The MSC Corps Chief invited officers from ALL CORPS to submit posters highlighting HRO Best Practices for 2021 LEAPS.  Winners were selected based on demonstration of High Reliability Organization improvement initiatives and best practice in clinical and non-clinical categories.

The LEAPS Poster POC, LT Christopher Chism [email protected], accepted submissions up to February 26, 2021.

Submissions are presented here:
COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody, a life-saving therapy overseasRegulatory Compliance in Sterile Compounding
Pharmacy Department Initiatives in an Overseas Military Hospital in Spain during COVID-19
COVID-19 Simulation Training Solution Sets
Reducing Opioid Exposure in Refractive Surgery
COVID Vaccination; A Safe and Efficient Model for Overseas Execution
NMFSC eLearning Courseware Initiation Process
Command 5S Spring Cleaning
Creation of an Operational Leadership Curriculum in Emergency Medicine Residency Training

Experiences of an U.S. Military Hospital in Spain during COVID-19
COVID Contingency ICU
Facilities Agility Vs. COVID-19
Specialty Care Referral to Book Defect Rate and Cycle Time Reduction
AD Days to Specialty Care USNH Guantanamo Bay
A Pilot Curriculum to Improve Patient Safety through Charting and Documenting Education for Residents
NMC Portsmouth Radiology Department HRO
The hospital that COVID rebuilt
U.S. Military Hospital Spain’s HRO Approach to Successive COVID Wave
Development of Tiered Strategy for Staff Protection and PPE Conservation
Implementing a Surgical Screening Process for COVID-19 at NMRTC Camp Pendleton
Implementing Surgical Plume Evacuation in the Main Operating Room, a DSS CUSP “Just Do It” Project
Implementing a N95 Reprocessing Program at NMRTC Camp Pendleton
Testing for COVID in Spain; US Naval Hospital Rota’s experience